December 22, 2016

Dear Friends,

One young man was just out of a 30-day in-patient rehab for addictions.  He has a pretty good grasp on the idea that his real self has never been enslaved, that he is a spiritual being, and that hatred and anger and despair about past events will get him nowhere. Tina had copied several Sentinel articles about breaking addictive behavior, one of which I gave him, and he was pleased to get that example plus S&H plus a recent Sentinel.  He mentioned that he would never have stopped to talk with someone at a stand in the bus plaza, but felt comfortable in this case.  Nice. more...

Our Story...

Begin with an inspiration, add a friend or two, be willing to reach out and "give a cup of cold water", and the results can be amazing!

That's what is happening with an outreach idea in Spokane, WA. A local church member saw that several different denominational churches were staffing a table one afternoon a week at the attractive metro bus plaza, near his downtown office; he believed it could be fruitful for one or both of our local Christian Science branch churches to try the same approach since thousands of people are in or near the plaza each day. He shared the idea with a friend who had been looking for potential ways to connect with young people "...weary wanderers, athirst in the desert...." (Science and Health) who congregate downtown.

The outreach team (made up of local Christian Scientists) believes, this to be by far the most effective outreach they have ever seen. "Virtually no one under the age of 50 has even HEARD of Christian Science or Mary Baker Eddy. The patrons love to hear Eddy's story on how she discovered Christian Science and the day she fell on the ice and her instantaneous healing. People are open to discussing metaphysical concepts, thus our mission to "feed the sheep" via the Comforter.

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